Is the wrong tech holding you back?
We’ll make it right.

We help you find and use the best cloud software specifically for your business - reducing costs, increasing productivity, and helping increase sales opportunities along the way. We guarantee that our work will be a simple fixed-price, we don’t stop working until we’ve delivered what we said we would, and we’re Sydney locals — so you can call us and have us on-site in an emergency when it really counts.

A local Sydney business added 3 'extra' days to their working week after hiring us.
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We work with you through every step

IT Consulting That Makes Tech Work For You

Slow business growth, frustrated staff, and time-wasting manual data entry are all problems that can be solved with insightful thinking and a strong understanding of the latest business software.

If you’re:

  • missing out on sales because leads 'all through the cracks'
  • spending too much time on admin
  • confused by the number of apps available and don't know which one to choose
  • running several apps and you're juggling data between them to 'make it work'
  • frustrated with delays or errors in your financial reporting
  • stuck to your desk because you can’t use your software remotely
  • unsure about how to use your software to its full potential
  • struggling to see how the price of a fully custom solution makes sense for you

… you’re only wasting your time and stalling the growth of your business the longer you don’t act.

For most Australian businesses, trying to find the right cloud software for your unique needs is like trying to complete a puzzle with missing pieces. With the expertise and guidance of Minos Technology, we’ll help you find those missing pieces and complete that puzzle… allowing you to forget about the tech and focus on your work.

This is something every business can get behind — reducing costs, increasing productivity, and helping increase sales opportunities along the way… even if your current systems are old or non-existent.

Minos Technology also work with your bookkeeper and accountant to make sure that your financial data is flowing correctly into your accounting software — saving both you and your accountant delays in reporting and ensuring up to the minute financials at all times. If you’re a business in Sydney who’s sick of trying to make tech work, you’ll be able to quickly see the difference our guidance provides.

We’ll also make sure your software solution is perfectly setup for your staff and business needs alongside training your staff on how to use it properly. Who else could talk business with you in the morning, then check in with your accountants that afternoon?

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The longer you wait to contact us, the longer it takes to see real improvements in your business, and the longer you’re stuck using your current, ineffective system.

What our clients have to say

Having this system in place has allowed us to grow our business and now we couldn’t survive without it. I just wish we spoke with Minos Technology sooner.

Nathan Ballie – United Stone Australia

Minos Technology has provided Red Earth with an excellent service all round. Jeremy's excellent management skills give him the ability to recognise other organisations' requirements. His attention to detail and ability to identify his client's issues through one on one consultations and in depth analysis is second to none, which led to high quality outcomes for my company's productivity.

Arthur Alla – Red Earth Organisation

Jeremy and his team implemented an online tool for me to manage my business - great experience, great results. Enjoyed working with Minos, impressed by their problem solving skills and ability to produce a customised solution to my needs. Great job!

Kris Baum – Kris Baum Photography

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