Cloud Software Solutions For Your Clients

We help your clients find and use the best cloud software for their business—increasing your productivity, providing you with up to date financial information, and reducing the time it takes to prepare their BAS.

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Become Their Trusted Accounting Partner

As an accountant or bookkeeper, you understand the advantage that timely and accurate client financial data provides you.

It’s the difference between being someone they only think of around tax time, to someone they trust for their financial advice.

It’s when you can look at up to date financial data and help them understand what is going on with their business and what you think they should do moving forward.

All these things aren’t possible when:

  • clients provide financial data monthly or quarterly, instead of daily or weekly
  • clients provide financial data late
  • clients provide inaccurate or incorrect financial data
  • clients provide physical records
  • clients are using old, outdated, or poorly configured accounting software
  • clients are using accounting software that isn’t cloud-based
  • clients are still using a manual system of data entry
  • clients are using several systems that aren’t working perfectly together

Now, you’re probably able to correctly identify if your client needs software to manage their business effectively, but you’re equally as likely to be unsure on how to identify the right tool or implement it correctly.

Improperly configured software can lead to as many issues as continuing to use an ineffective one… so without experience in this field, you could be sending incorrect financials to your software causing a vicious cycle of rework.

This is where Minos Technology can help people just like you become better advisors to their clients through the software implementation projects we complete.

By providing a set of processes to ensure that your clients software is properly configured for their unique business needs — even if their current system is almost non-existent or outdated—both you and your client are better off.

Minos Technology is Sydney-based and currently works with a wide range of cloud accounting software providers. With successful experience in software implementation projects throughout many industries, we may be able to help you and your clients out too.

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